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Declaration of Independence From Corporate Power

Join the “We The People” campaign against corporate power.  From their online petition:

I pledge my support for America’s founding principle of government of, by and for the People. I believe that a corporation is not a person, money is not speech, and corporate money should not be allowed in our country’s elections. I pledge to work with other Americans to free today’s politics from the corrupting power of what Thomas Jefferson called “the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations.”

Committee Colors

Red – Medical
Yellow – Peacekeepers
Green – Media
Orange – Communications
Blue – Hospitality
Pink – Childcare

Photos from Oct 29th March

Thank you to OccupyDelivers who has just shared some great photos in our forums!  Have a look here:

Click here for Photos from Oct 29th March
Other Photos – Bea’s Picasa Galleries

UPDATE:  do you have photos you’d like to share? Email webmaster

Gov. John Kitzhaber visits Occupy Salem

Gov. John Kitzhaber met with Occupy Salem demonstrators Tuesday in Willson Park, showing some support for their cause.Occupy Salem leaders said the governor and several of his staffers stopped by about 4:30 p.m. They didn’t know he’d be coming, said Peter Bergel, director of Oregon PeaceWorks.”He said a number of things along the lines of ‘I think you guys are doing a really good thing here, keeping it peaceful and focused,’ ” Bergel said. “He acknowledged we’re not damaging the park in any way; that we’re using the park the way it was meant to be used.”

Via The Statesman Journal - Kitzhaber pays visit to Occupy Salem protesters

Enough is Enough!! March on the Capitol! (10/29)

There is a national rally being held this Saturday, and we will Occupy the streets of our own capitol in solidarity with our fellow Occupy!

Events Committee is meeting at 4pm tomorrow, (10/25) – to plan march routes & other stuff, please participate!!



Things people can do to support the goals of Occupy Salem

Things people can do to support the goals of Occupy Salem:

·         Transfer your money from big banks to local banks and credit unions.
·         Shop locally; avoid corporate chain retailers.
·         Grow your own food.
·         Trade services in your own neighborhood.
·         Have a solution-oriented discussion about the issues that concern you with someone who has a different position than yours.

·         Join us!

Check out this flyer!
Occupy Salem Oregon Flyer

Thank you First Congregational Church

This is a picture taken (Oct. 23) at a ceremony during which the congregation of the First Congregational Church (Cottage @ Marion Sts.) erected a sign on their lawn supporting Occupy Salem. Peter Bergel was asked to speak at the dedication of the sign.

We would like to give thanks to everyone at the First Congregational Church for their love and energy. We appreciate you standing with us in this call for better family values and a higher living standard for everyone.


Call Gov. Kitzhaber’s Office and urge him to allow everything involved with the Occupation in Salem to remain overnight! 503.378.4582 Click here for more info!

Marion Polk Move to Amend endorsement of Occupy Salem Oregon

This Resolution of endorsement to Occupy Salem, Oregon was approved at the MPMTA General meeting on October 21,2011:Marion Polk Move to Amend endorsement of Occupy Salem Oregon
We are the members of Marion Polk Move to Amend. We formed our organization to oppose the subversion of the Bill of Rights that has taken place under the guise of Corporate Personhood. One hundred and twenty-five years ago, corporations were illegally given the rights of people for the purpose of thwarting democracy and maintaining minority rule. This was given by Supreme Court rulings that run contrary to the intentions of the makers of our Constitution.We also oppose the contention by previous Supreme Court decisions that money is a method of political speech and therefore is protected as free speech under the Constitution. We are opposing these concepts in the only permanent way we know, by calling for an amendment to the Constitution.Occupy Wall Street, and then Occupy Salem Oregon have formed to protest the austere conditions in our country caused by corporate greed and avarice which have manifested due to corporate personhood. They have seen Wall Street destroy our economy while receiving bonuses, committing criminal acts yet not be concerned over prosecution. They have seen millions of families lose their homes to foreclosure. They have seen untold people lose their jobs and lose their lives because of the selfish acts of these corporate masters. They have risen up in the streets to proclaim “Enough”.

We stand shoulder to shoulder with Occupy Salem Oregon in this fight.

Their foe, the unrestrained political influences of corporate personhood, is our foe. Their Ally, the will of the People to rise and take back our democracy, is our Ally. We applaud and admire their dedication and sacrifice.

They are truly doing the people’s work, and we endorse and commend them.

Sunday Oct 23: Concert at the Capitol

Noon on the Capitol steps. Various artists. Ryan Montbleau Band, Sol Seed, Boy Eats Drum Machine, Mob Royalle, Dvoo, Rich McCloud, Coot & codger.

ALL are WELCOME! Come on down!