General Assembly Minutes PM (Nov 8, 2011)

Facilitating: Greg
Minutes: Terra
Stacking: Stacy
18 people attending

Silence, Police update, bark dust, communications

We are on the Statesman Journal’s calendar! Veteran Appreciation themed march this Saturday, 11/12.

Peacekeeper training happening Monday, 11/14 at 12 noon.

There is now a blackboard up on site for events scheduling. Please update the board with confirmed events.

Oregon PeaceWorks’ annual Holiday concert will be happening December 3rd at the Ike Box!




It was made clear today that we are within our rights to observe police activity as citizen witnesses.

PROPOSAL – Non Violence community agreement will be gone over before each GA – PASSED!



We need an alternator for a human powered generator (exercise bike generator!), one was found for $80 ~

PROPOSAL – purchase the 1-wire alternator – PASSED!


Bark Dust

was brought in & put down today, we were given props by the park rangers. Surprise! As previously believed, the bark dust was not donated, and we had to cough up $200 for it.

PROPOSAL -  no OSO funds will be spent without GA approval, and a receipt with signatures of GA members  approving use of funds for specific articles is  – TABLED for a workgroup. Proposal will be brought back Thursday PM GA.

** Finance workgroup formed, will be meeting 4:30pm tomorrow & Thursday to process the details of the procedure (such as how many signatures are needed).



PROPOSAL – Consolidate data on one server & transfer control of domains to OSO members – PASSED!

Concerns about control of our websites were brought up, discussion of technical confusions and data security.


November 19th there is an Occupied Concert, location yet to be finalized, but will be one of these three: The capitol steps, the Ike Box, or the Gazebo in Willson park.

If you have connections with musicians or want to play (at this concert or future concerts) contact !!


Thank you!

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