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Organization/Question 1. What are your organization’s goals (short, medium, long-range)? 2. What are you currently working on? 3. What can others do to help? 4. How do you help others? 5. Who are your constituents? 6. Who are your group’s adversaries? 7. How many members in your group? 8. Is your group affiliated with another? 9. What resources do you have to offer? 10. What resources do you need? 11.What has/has not worked to help you achieve/ pursue your goals? 12.What has/has not worked to help you recruit members & volunteers? Contact info Spkr:
Beyond Coal Raise awareness, activism against transport of coal thru PNW. Other parts of NW are shorter term than Salem. Build regional support. Raise awareness of global warming. Petitioning the Gov. Come to events, join the local group, write LTEs, follow Beyond Coal and Power Past Coal websites. Whole community. Coal companies, railroads, fossil fuel companies, workers who might get the jobs, 12-20 locally Sierra Club, Beyond Coal, National backing, Mayor Bloomberg of NY, People to raise awareness, Have yet to get key officials on board Narrow goals help recruit Laurie Dougherty
Citizen Lobby Center (CLC) Move to Amend is working with Oregon PeaceWorks and other statewide groups to push a bill for a Constitutional amendment in the State Legislature. This is the first step. CLC is working with gun control, ending the death penalty, health care and humanizing foreclosure campaigns too. Pass HJM 6. HJM5 and SJM6 don’t do enough. Sign up at Volunteer to help staff the CLC CLC helps existing campaigns to promote or block selected legislation. “Thousands” across the state and nation Conservatives and corporations. about 15 volunteers so far Common Cause, Mainstreet Alliance, Rural Organizing Project, Alliance for Democracy, OPW Good info at Great legislative learning opportunity Volunteer energy. Kirk Leonard
Eden Again Ecosanctuary Protect habitat Protect habitat No affliates, but some good friends. Science background, organic gardening background, family has property in addition to this one. Funding Not clear enough, still fledgling. Have a botanist who is planning to help. A lot of work. Not sure how to do it right. James Cox
Education for Schooling Help people with devel. Disabilities finish H.S. education Forming the group Funding, teachers People w/disabilities People who think this is unrealistic 6 Finances Enthusiasm/anxiety Gordi
FOR (Fellowship of Reconciliation) Essential unity of humanity, exploring the use of love Bank depredations. Peace vigil downtown every Wed. @ noon. 4th Sunday at 4 meetings for business and education. 3-4,000 in OR. 4-500 locally. 20 or so active. US and international groups as well as OR and Salem Longevity, illustrious past. A lot of members are too old to attend or donate any more. Tradition of voluntary simplicity. Gary Pullman
Mill Creek Cleanup Project Build public awareness about public waterways, seed creeks with fish, Cleaning up Mill Creek on April 20. Duck Inn to the Willamette. Help needed on April 20. 9-1. Clean creeks benefit all residents as well as fish and other creek dwellers. SESNA (Neighborhood Assn) could help connect to natural constituents. North Hi science classes? None 5 people. Began as children’s project of Salem Friends Meeting. SOLV Garbage bags Need truck to move large refuse items. Mark Babson
MTA (Move to Amend) Teach us how money got into politics and overturn corporate personhood and get money out of politics. Need 38 states to call for a constitutional amendment. In OR trying to get Leg. To demand a Const. amendment. Petitions to bring to the Legislature. Also working on elections. Need 38 states to call for a constitutional amendment. Table sharing with Occupy and have donated to Occupy. Anyone who wants to pursue the goals. Big corporations 500 in MarPo, but 25 active. National org. Merchandise. Education programs. Bodies, money A lot of committed people, but the group changes a lot. Need a tabling coordinator. City Council approach did not work. Study groups have done several sessions and are very good and in depth. Bobbie Cade
No Third Bridge Defeat the proposal to build a third auto bridge across the Willamette. Improve transit service. Expand bicycle travel. Stopping the bridge. Possibly substitute a double-deck on the Marion St. Bridge for streetcars. Attend work sessions, next on Feb. 19 @ 5:30. Will be televised. Residents and taxpayers of Salem and West Salem. 160 homes will be removed. Chamber of Commerce, current City leadership Leaders: Jim Scheppke & Scott Bassett. Small core of workers. Active FB page. Listserv has 60 members. to join. 1000 Friends of Oregon, Willamette Riverkeeper, Lots of information on their website. People are not well educated on this issue at all despite its having been live for 6-7 years. Still, the big bridge proposal (4D) is “on life support” due to stiff opposition. Jim Scheppke
OPW (Oregon PeaceWorks) Mission: educate and activate people for peace, justice and sustainability. Shift dominant paradigm from domination to cooperation and from growth to sustainability. Earth Charter is guiding doc. PeaceWorker online magazine, education about militarization of America, training in nonviolence and nonviolent communication, establishing an Earth Champs program in Salem, establishing a group working to make Salem a Transition Town. Plug in to our projects, donate money, bring special expertise, facilitate connections in the community & in Oregon. Help other groups network more effectively. Have sponsored several statewide Peace Summits. Provide peace-related info via The PeaceWorker and via our regular action alerts emailed weekly. Peace-oriented progressives, other organizations, network of donors. Almost everything we try to do negatively affects large corporate interests, so they oppose us. 1200 donors statewide and a mailing list of some 8-9,000 names. OPW is the Oregon affiliate of national Peace Action, the largest grassroots peace organization in the U.S. Large office space, mailing list with contacts in almost every OR state rep & senate district, some decent office equipment, various things in storage. People to work with us, a few qualified board members, money, new members. Better computer equipment. Worked: step-by-step organizing; taking on managable projects.Not worked: trying to involve the business community. Worked: asking people one by one for help. Social networking – a bit. Not worked: purchasing lists and calling them. 104 Commercial St.NE, Salem, OR 97301; 503-585-2767,, Peter Bergel
Salem Area Homeowner Resources Group Mutual education, keep people in their homes & stop illegal evictions and foreclosures. Empower communities to help keep people in their homes. Keep people in their homes People w/housing insecurity Bankers who illegal evict people under color of law 6 Legal info. Bodies, money, outreach, leafletting. Legal help. Being late to an eviction. Gotten good TV coverage, Stacey Phillips & Katharine Moore
Salem Community Chorus Community singing. Non-auditioned choir. (Dues: $45/term; $80/couple/term.) Dec. 9 concert @ Salem Library, Loucks Aud. 2 pm Attend their concerts; join the group. Call 503-679-9328 Possibly do benefits Sing all kinds of music: classical, pop, rock, jazz… Info at Gary Pullman
KMUZ Celebrate the mid-Willamette area and strengthen our community. Collect and transmit information. Get a second translator so people can tune them in rather than stream them at Scheduling shows. Adding new folks to originate or take over shows. Help with fundraising. Looking for grants now. Host a show. Spread the word that the station exists. 3 pledge drives have met goals. Need engineers. Provides a voice to the Mid-Valley. Report on what’s going on in the area. Explore public affairs. Potentially anyone in the mid-valley area. OPB is competition, not adversarial, though. Americans for Prosperity opposed them at city council. 7-member board, 7-member review committee. About 70 volunteers all together. 140 pledgers (may represent 1400 listeners [10%]). No. Being a place where people can get the word out. Money, equipment, more volunteers. Underwriting is going well to raise funds. 88.5 FM,,, 503-990-6091 Melanie Zermer
Disability Connections Educate the OR/Idaho Methodist Conference about disability issues. Educate about how autism impacts families. Survey to learn what facilities churches have for the diabled. Provide transportation for diabled. Lobby on disabled issues. More publicity needed.Get to know disabled people and learn about their challenges and needs. Neighborhood connections (sponsor events). Promote good disabled accesss. Families in which someone is disabled. Competing services promote an adversarial attitude, but really the pie needs to be enlarged because all are needed. 18-20 volunteers under direction of Nancy O’Laughlin. Methodist Church, Morningside School Automatic door on church. Nancy O’Laughlin, 503-364-5013, Morningside Methodist website. Pastor Mike Powell. Kathleen O’Daniels

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