GA Minutes (1/15/13)

GA Minutes 1/15/13


Facilitator: Stacey                                                                                                                                                  Stacker: None                                                                                                                                    Scribe: Bobbie

In Attendance:  Bobbie, Gary, Mary Murphy, Stacey, Sam, Nancy, Laurie, Sandy, Rich, Greg

A Moment of Silence:   Stacey                                                                                           Non-violence Agreement: Nancy                                                                              Hand Signals: None                                                                                                                                                  Mission Statement: Bobbie                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ANNOUNCEMENTS:

  1. Rich explained the No Shopping Day event for next Monday, the anniversary of Citizen’s United.  People should not shop, unless necessary and then at local shops only. 
  2. Senator Wyden gave a Town Hall today and was not very specific on many issues brought up. 
  3. July 4th is Seabeck.
  4. MPMTA Study Groups 101 and 201 continue to meet.  The next 201 is on American Political Thinking – the power given to the presidency over the years.
  5. Progressive Groups are collaborating efforts for various causes/projects – the newest is that the Democrats met tonight to find candidates for upcoming offices. 
  6. Willamette University’s website has many interesting events listed at
  7. Laurie’s been in touch with Laura Stevens who is active on the coal issue.  Coal tabled at last Thursday’s Progressive Film Series and 48 people signed letters to Mayor Peterson and the Council Members to express their concerns.
  8. No 3rd Bridge wants as many as possible to attend the next City Council Work Session on 2/19.
  9. Every Friday at 7 is an informal GA.  Nancy and Stacey and anyone else interested will discuss PAT this Friday.
  10. Google Group has published the legislative issues.  Sandy can put you in touch with it.


      See Calendar Tab on home page, click on it, then click on any event and/or date you are interested in to see full details.       


Stacey and Sean spoke with Senator Merkley about various concerns including that the government is colluding with corporations, banks and other government agencies. He hopes to see an investigation. He said, also, that Newport/Lincoln Co Occupy is well run; they helped get a resolution on the ballot regarding corporate personhood and it passed.

The Networking Round Table flyers are finished.  There are groups to be invited to the last Tues in Jan; more groups need to be considered and invited. 

Greg is taking a Community Emergency Response Team course and sees the original OSO CART group as being pivotal to Sandy’s suggestion of promoting Occupy’s image of good works.  She suggested a phone tree for the type of actions which need immediate response such as sand bagging.  The information is available – it just needs some organizing.  It was mentioned that wearing a vest with neon lettering while lending help would shed a positive light on Occupy.  Mary Murphy will speak with Anne Greenstar about the feasibility of making them.

Rich suggested a community garden.  Laurie needs help at her plot at the Highland Community Garden at 19th and Bellevue.  Bobbie, Rich and James have land; Gary envisions GPS project and outreach.  Greg will help with labor and design.  This needs an AG to work on details.

Rich encouraged getting the word out about corporate personhood – that ‘others’ are trying to co-opt the amendment.  He’d like an action group which lead to a discussion about Stacey’s proposal – see Proposal below.

Sandy reminded us of the Citizen’s Lobby Center which will meet at the OPW office to work toward several important issues now that the legislature is about to begin.


Greg would like to do something on the 50th anniversary of JFK’s death on 11/22. Everyone agreed it was a day that an event could be planned around.

PROPOSALS:  Results (Passed, Rejected, Tabled)            

Greg proposed receiving $49 for a projector bulb so he can project onto buildings etc.  It was passed and spontaneous donations resulted in his receiving $24.  The vote for him to receive $25 from OSO was passed.                                                                                                                                                                                     Stacey proposed a cost of led lights being made into letters for a light brigade at $20 each letter.  If there are sufficient funds ($300 suggested) to create a message for the 2/4 health care rally, it was agreed that work will proceed. Further discussion and possible making of letters will be at Friday’s informal GA.


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