GA Minutes (1/8/13)

GA Minutes 1/8/13


Facilitator: Katharine et al                                                                                                         Stacker: None                                                                                                                                   Scribe: Bobbie

In Attendance:  Bobbie, Gary, Mary Murphy, Katharine, Stacey, Sam, Nancy, Laurie

A Moment of Silence:                                                                                                            Non-violence Agreement:                                                                                                      Hand Signals:                                                                                                   Mission Statement:


  1. There were arguments in front of the Oregon Supreme Court today.  The justices will probably not rule for several months.  The Legislature is being lobbied by Oregon Bankers Association to validate MERS but House Speaker Kotek is not interested. 
  2. Idle No More is a First Nation movement that will be celebrated internationally on Friday.  Katharine will provide transportation to the Portland event if interested.
  3. There is a Light Brigade follow up after the Idle No More Fri evening, and Katharine will stay for that. 
  4. There is choir practice at AME Zion on the next two Saturdays in preparation for the MLK event on Jan 21, at the UU at Center and Cordon.  
  5. MPMTA has a No Shopping event for MLK Jr Day, the third anniversary of Citizen’s United.  Do not go out to buy Big Corporate items at Big Corporate stores.  SHOP LOCALLY if you go out to shop.
  6. We were reminded that OSO funds had been approved for coffee at IKE Box for providing the room a year ago, and not used, so they will be used for the Networking Round Table meetings (The next one is Jan 29.).  
  7. Informal GA continues Fridays at Friends Meeting House at 7pm.
  8. It is not too late to sign up for the Non-Violent Communication and Non-Violent Training 12 week course held at the 50+ Center.  Contact Peter Bergel at OPW.


  1. 9 Jan, Wed at 1:30pm at Keizer Civic Center, 930 Chemawa Rd NE: Jeff Merkley’s Town Hall
  2. 9 Jan, Wed at 6:30pm at IKE Box, Cottage and Chemeketa: Study Group 201 for Mike Hansen’s presentation on Church and State
  3. 9 Jan, Wed at 7pm at OPW office, 104 Commercial St NE: Transition Town Meeting
  4. 10 Jan, Thurs at 11am at IKE Box Cottage and Chemeketa for an initial Cascadia meeting facilitated by Alexander Baretich on sustainability
  5. 10 Jan, Thurs at 7pm at The Grand on High St NE: Progressive Film Series, Chasing Ice (Doors open at 6:30pm)
  6. 11 Jan, Fri at 3:00pm at Canadian Consulate, 805 SDW Broadway,  Portland: Idle No More Solidarity Day; Light Brigade follows
  7. 21 Jan, Mon at 5pm at UU is the MLK Jr Day Dinner and speech.
  8. 27 Jan, Sun at 4pm at Friends Meeting House is a Health Care Presentation
  9. 4 Feb, Mon 9:30am-5pm at Capital on Court: Sign in, march/rally, lobby legislative representatives on Universal Health Care
  10. 12 Feb, Tues at 7:30pm at Mary Stuart Rodgers Music Hall at WU, Joel Sabitin will present on local food/organic farming


It was agreed that tabs on the OSOGA Website of some of the different organizations which have links to projects, such as No 3rd Bridge and Beyond Coal, would be a good idea.

The Networking Round Table project was discussed; bring names of groups and contact persons.  Should there be limits on the type of groups asked to present? A flyer will be ready very soon. 


11 Jan Portland:  IDLE NO MORE event at 3pm.  Katharine will provide transportation.

PROPOSALS:  Results (Passed, Rejected, Tabled)                                                                                                                

A proposal will be presented next week on the cost of led lights being made into letters for a light brigade.

MEETING ADJOURNED:   Proposed by Gary; seconded by Mary Murphy

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