Round Table Minutes (11/27/12)

GA Minutes 11/27/12


Facilitator: Peter                                                                                                                        Stacker: None                                                                                                                                   Scribe: Bobbie

In Attendance:  Bobbie, Gary, Mary Murphy, Gordi, Ken J, Rich H, Peter

A Moment of Silence: Peter                                                                                       Non-violence Agreement: Peter                                                                                        Hand Signals: None                                                                                                          Mission Statement: Bobbie


  1. Gary: A bus leaves 6 Dec to Portland to show solidarity at the hearing there on the coal issue. 
  2. Peter: 1 Dec is the OPW yearly raffle for the Get-away.  Come – and tickets can be purchased on line or at the office.
  3. Bobbie: The No Third Bridge members are going to attend the City Council work session tomorrow at 5:30pm at the main Library – Anderson Room to ensure CC knows some are opposed to the new bridge.   
  4. Gary: Dec 9 at 2:30pm is the Community Chorus concert at Louck’s. 
  5. Mary: She is not going to be on Face Book.
  6. Rich: He is creating an event that he hopes will go nationwide about the upcoming Citizens United anniversary – not buying anything on 1/21/13. 
  7. Bobbie: The new 10 week class for MPMTA starts this Thursday at 6:30 pm at the IKE Box.



  1.  Nov 28, Wed at 6:30 pm at IKE Box, MPMTA Study Group 201 on ALEC.
  2.  Nov 29, Thurs at 6:30pm at IKE Box, MPMTA Study Group 101.
  3.  Nov 30, Fri at 7pm at Friends Meeting House for informal GA.
  4.  Dec 1, Sat at 7pm at Friends Meeting House for OPW’s annual meeting and Get-a-way RAFFLE!
  5.  Dec 6, Thurs at 3:30 a bus leaves UU for Portland to attend hearing on Coal Permit.
  6.  Dec 9, Sun at 2:30 pm at Loucks in Main Library for Christmas Concert.


The second Round Table had one new speaker and one previous speaker with an update; debriefing discussion held.

Gordi continues to be pleased that progress is being made on his goal re: education; Mary Murphy spoke about the Forces for Justice group of the UU.  She said that an assistant minister, isa Sherry, is working toward the inherent worth of people, justice, and acceptance of all.  Spiritual growth is encouraged.

Peter said that OPW is working closely with the anti-Death Penalty folks and with the Oregonian’s endorsement, this issue is likely to move forward.

Peter sent an email to five different campaigns – including MPA, Death Penalty, Foreclosures, State Bank ad Coal, to use the OPW office for working on lobby and legislative issues, with the hope that these organizations can see how it would be beneficial to support one another.  OPW’s membership list is broken down by district so targeting is possible to get messages out about particular campaigns.

The question:  Should the RT continue – the next meeting would not be until the last Tues in Jan because the last Tues in Dec is the holiday.  Six agreed it should continue; 1 was undecided.

Going forward, these organizations will be asked to attend the last Tues in Jan.

CAUSA will be invited by Rich,                                                                                                                                                Polk Co Democratic Party by Bobbie                                                                                                                                  No Third Bridge by Bobbie                                                                                                                                                 SEIU by Bobbie                                                                                                                                                                Friend’s by Gary                                                                                                                                                                  Life Source by Peter                                                                                                                                                          KUMZ by Peter                                                                                                                                                            Habitat for Humanity by Mary Murphy

A discussion was had about the merits of a community calendar.  Group meetings, Fundraising and Actions are all ideal items to post to it.


Praxis: Bobbie said that at today’s meeting, the networking Round Table RT was discussed and suggested future Praxis meetings (1pm at OPW on Tuesdays) be attended by those interested in shaping the RT idea.


6 Dec bus to Portland re Coal!

PROPOSALS:  Results (Passed, Rejected, Tabled)                                                                                                                 


MEETING ADJOURNED    Gary moved to adjourn; Rich seconded. 




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