GA Minutes (11/13/12)

GA Minutes 11/13/12


Facilitator: Gary                                                                                                                                                    Stacker: None                                                                                                                                                             Scribe: Bobbie

In Attendance:  Bobbie, Gary, Mary Murphy, Gordi, James Carter, Linda, Stan, Michele,

A Moment of Silence: Gary                                                                                                  Non-violence Agreement: Mary Murphy                                                                                                                                       Hand Signals: None                                                                                                                      Mission Statement: Mary Murphy


  1. Gary: A bus leaves 6 Dec to Portland to show solidarity at the hearing there on the coal issue. 
  2. Bobbie: 1 Dec is the OPW yearly raffle for the Get-away.  They can be purchased on line or at the office.
  3. Bobbie: MPMTA has t-shirts and they’d make great holiday gifts.
  4. Gary: There are non-profit businesses which rehabilitate computers, and which welcome help, and helpers can ‘earn’ a computer.
  5. Bobbie: KPOJ, a Clear Channel station which is owned by Romney’s Bain Capital, switched KPOJ from progressive talk to FOX sports, with no notice. There are petitions to sign here:   and to President Obama and the FEC here:  .  


  1. Wed 14 Nov at 6:30pm at IKE Box, MPMTA Study Group 201 on ALEC.
  2. Thurs 15 Nov at 6:30pm at IKE Box, MPMTA Study Group 101.
  3. Fri 16 and 30 Nov at 7pm at Friends Meeting House for informal GA.  There will be no informal GA on the 23rd, Thanksgiving week.
  4. Sat 1 Dec at 7pm at Friends Meeting House for OPW’s annual meeting and Get-a-way RAFFLE!
  5. Thurs 6 Dec, time TBA, bus leaves for Portland to attend hearing on Coal Permit.
  6. Sun 9 Dec at 2pm at Loucks in Main Library for Christmas Concert


The first Round Table (of Oct 30) was discussed – Gary, Linda, Mary Murphy and Bobbie spoke to their experience.  Gordi was pleased that his hope was reinforced by Ariel.

It was agreed that GA business is not appropriate, other than announcements which any and all groups represented will contribute to.  Each member present was challenged to invite someone from an organization which is not represented by an Occupy member. (Mary Murphy will present for UU on 27 Nov – the next Round Table.) The spread sheet created to display the organizations already presented are on the Occupy website here:  Question to be answered:  Should a flyer be created to help promote the Round Table?

There was a discussion on how to remain visible in the community. The Round Table may be one of those ways – as would be joining one of the Occupy committees/affinity groups – PAT was promoted. MPMTA was suggested as a way to gain knowledge and remain active.


Praxis: Bobbie said that as the debriefing of the first Round Table did not take place last week due to a very low attendance, Praxis spent their meeting time today debriefing and posting the spread sheet on-line.


PROPOSALS:  Results (Passed, Rejected, Tabled)                                                                                                                



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