GA Minutes (10/30/12)

GA Minutes 10/30/12


Facilitator: Bobbie                                                                                                                                                    Stacker: None                                                                                                                                                             Scribe: Linda

In Attendance:  Bobbie, Gary, Laurie, Mary Murphy, Gordi, James C, Linda, Peter, Katharine, Stacey

A Moment of Silence: Bobbie                                                                                    Non-violence Agreement: James C                                                                                  Hand Signals: None                                                                                                                                                  Mission Statement: James C


  1. Katherine: The bank action on Friday is the last scheduled one in Salem – for now! 
  2. Katherine: Transportation is available for Solidarity Against Austerity at Holliday Park in Portland.  Contact Katherine for a ride – she will leave around 9am.
  3. Laurie: The action on Nov 13 is to send the “do not grant Morrow a permit for coal barges” message to the new director; Beyond Coal has speakers and your presence is requested. 
  4. Laurie: A bus leaves 12 Dec to Vancouver to show solidarity at the hearings there on the coal issues. 
  5. Laurie: There is a letter writing campaign 31 Oct at Clockworks at 7pm.
  6. Laurie: Beyond Coal group will meet this Thurs as Lucy will be leaving soon, to keep the Beyond Coal campaign going.
  7. Peter: Raffle tickets for the Get-away can be purchased on line or at the office.
  8. Bobbie: MPMTA has t-shirts and they’d make great holiday gifts.
  9. Bobbie: The “no 3rd bridge” campaign is to prepare attendees for the 5 Nov City Council Meeting, so that they are organized when presenting their arguments against another bridge.  Peter will send out an alert.
  10. Gary: Olga R Salizar will talk about the drug wars at 7pm on 7 Nov. 


  1. Sat 3 Nov at 1pm is Solidarity Against Austerity at Holliday Park in Portland.
  2. Sun 4 Nov at 3pm in the Library, Anderson Room, meet with No 3rd Bridge to prepare for 5 Nov City Council Meeting.
  3. Mon 5 Nov at 6:30pm City Council meeting in City Hall to support those arguing against plans to build another bridge over the river.
  4. Mon 5 Nov in Portland Move Your Debt action.  See Occupy PDX.
  5. Tues 13 Nov at 11am meet at Dept of State Lands to show support for the Beyond Coal campaign.
  6. Thurs 15 Nov at 6:30pm at IKE Box, MPMTA Study Group 101.
  7. Sat 1 Dec at 7pm at Friends Meeting House for OPW’s annual meeting and Get-a-way RAFFLE!
  8. Sun 9 Dec at 2pm at Louck’s Auditorium-a free holiday concert


The first Round Table met; Seven Occupy members who belong to other groups presented their other organization. Peter for OPW, Laurie for Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal, Katherine for We Are Oregon, James for Eden Again Sanctuary, Gordi for Education, Gary, for FOR, and Bobbie for MPMTA. Mary Murphy will present for UU the next month. Most needed at least 10 minutes to answer questions generated over the last three weeks, to help others learn about their organization while developing Common Ground. A spreadsheet was created.  There will be a debriefing though given that the next GA meets on election night, as well as other events, there will be no meeting on 6 Nov to debrief then. To Be Determined.


Education Committee:  Laurie said that Barbara Berg’s talk on Labor and the Environment at the AFL-CIO hall went well. (Some people did not attend because they could not find the location; the building is available for future use if needed.)

Praxis: Laurie said that they took all the questions generated for the Round Table and synthesized them, and Peter created a spreadsheet to keep the information in one document.

Salem Area Resources Group: Katharine said that the group is changing the focus from Move Your Money to Move Your Debt. There will be a training in early Dec to teach people what to do to keep people in their homes. She will be going to neighborhood Association groups to see if there is interest there.

Political Action Team: Stacey said that there is a campaign re the voting machines which have the potential to rig the election results and 2,500 signatures have been gathered so far.


  1. 13 Nov at 11am at Dept of State Lands re Beyond Coal.

PROPOSALS:  Results (Passed, Rejected, Tabled)                                                                                                                




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