GA Mins 3/27/12

OSO 3/27/12

Facilitator: Peter


Non-violence agreement


 Jennifer P, Laurie D, Ken H, Mary M, Barry H, Sean G, Greg F, Peter B, Linda C, Gerry P, James C, Anne G, Tara C, Michele D, Ian B



  • Training 4/7/12
  • Hwy Berma Shave  project
  • Coal
  • Mortage action
  • Newsletter


On-line Newsletter, Salem Occupier, needs submissions to;  “Words of local Occupiers” 

MPMTA/OSO joint educational offering tomorrow, 3/28,  6:30pm, @ IkeBox, on Military Spending, presented by Peter Bergel & livestreamed by Katherine


Homeless Connect Day @ 1st Baptist Church.  “Words of Wisdom for the Day: We need a KOA in Salem”. Also, positive comments re: sighting of the Berma Shave sign action.


Memorial Day (wkend?) encampment suggested.  Coordinate with other Occupy groups?


Coal demand is down so they are going to sell to Asia with transport through the Columbia River.  Reference to NPR program re:  Effects of Coal &   Please comment & Sign petition @ *note comments are public.


Occupy Bike Brigade 5/5/12   A global movement to solve the climate crisis. Interested?  Contact Laurie.


Executive Appointments.  Apply/Volunteer (?)


Non-Violent Civil Resistance Training 4/7/12 @ Friends Meeting House 9:00a-5:00p *Pot-Luck* sign-up with Laurie

3/31/12:  Dr Laurie Caldecott.

4/4/12  10:00a-4:00p:  Sign Making for Post Office Support action @ Friends Meeting House. *Pot Luck*


Tax Day Action: 4/17/12 Tuesday. To protest Distribution Ctr closures in support of postal employees. Informational picketing with leafleting, & Burma Shave type signs.  Mission & 25th St.  SEIU supports this action.  Peter & Sean to work on Press Release.

**Proposal with unanimous Consensus obtained for Endorsement & Support for the Non-Violence resistance Training on 4/7/12.

**Proposal & unanimous consensus to move forward with a 2nd Burma Shave Sign action possibly in conjunction with Occupy PDX (Greg will contact) & with OccupyEugene & Corvallis (Tara will contact). Tentative (?) Date: May 19th

Tara’s  court date is 4/2/12.  Invitation extended to attend, witness, & network with OccupyPDX who will also be there.   She will be taking the bus to Portland.

Tentative Plans for Burma Shave sign making on May 11th & 12th.  

The Oregon Progressive Network web-site was promoted:

Respectfully submitted by  Jennifer P

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