Occupy the Highway – Burma Shave style signs

Occupy the Highway – Long Range Planning Committee Action Plan

If you want to help:  Contact Laurie Dougherty (lauriedougherty@gmail.com) or reply to the “Occupy the Highway” forum topic.

Build & display Burma Shave type signs* with Occupy slogans alongside I-5, probably beginning in mid-March
Videotape the action (including planning & preparation) & post online
Spread the idea up and down I-5 and then to the rest of the country by the summer

*Burma Shave (shaving cream) ran a highway ad campaign for decades. Sets of 5 or 6 signs were placed alongside roads in sequence. Each sign had one line of a jingle. The last one said “Burma Shave.” Here are a couple of examples:.
This cream – Is like – A parachute – There isn’t – Any substitute – Burma-Shave
The safest rule – No ifs or buts – Just drive – Like every one else – Is nuts! – Burma-Shave

Gather ideas for Occupy slogans, each one using up to 5 signs. The last line has to be/include “Occupy”
Submit ideas in osaga.org forum at General Discussion in Topic: Occupy the Highway Slogans by Sunday pm 2/ 26
Vote on Slogans at GA Tuesday 2/28
Get creative but be brief
When Greed – Came In – Jobs Went Out – Occupy
Only a nation – of Fools – Fails to Fund – Its Schools – Occupy (seen on a sign at 2/20 rally)
Or use old standards like:
Banks got – Bailed out – We got – Sold out – Occupy

Need for making signs:
2 x 2 (240’) (or 2 x 4s to rip)
Tyvek or canvas or other sheets 4 or 5’ x 80 or 90’
Plywood (1/4 inch)
Paint (acrylic latex)
Drywall Screws (1 lb)
Stencils (8” or 12” high letters)
Saw (rip 2 x 4s)
Power Screw Driver
Build / paint signs
Store signs

Drivers with pick-up & vans to transport signs/people to display area (1 pickup; vans/transportation for 22 people)
Hold signs alongside I-5: 2 people/sign – 5 signs per set – both sides of road – 2 floaters for relief – TOTAL 22 people
Videographer (will also tape advance planning & preparation)

Feb 21 GA: Determine Capacity – Material, Sign Builders & Painters, Day of Action Participants; Choose Date
Feb 22 – Gather Material; begin to build signs
Feb 26 – Deadline for slogans to be submitted to osoga.org Forum
Feb 28 GA: Select slogans
Ongoing: Finish building & painting signs
Action date – Saturday March 10 or Sunday March 11 or Saturday March 17 or Sunday March 18
Post video online
Spread the word to other Occupies – include suggested needs list, timeline




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