Check the OSO calendar for upcoming events.

GA meets informally on Fridays at 7pm at the Friends Meeting House 490 19th St NE, Salem – everyone welcome.

We the people of Occupy Salem recognize the blatant injustices that are being perpetrated by the political and economic structures in our own nation and around the world. In solidarity with groups such as Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Portland, we support was to re-empower the individual and society, so that we may identify and discuss solutions to resolve expressed issues, through recognizing our common humanity. Occupy Salem is an all-inclusive, ongoing action in which people may engage in meaningful conversation to find common ground. We invite you to add your voice.

Occupy Salem holds an informal general assembly on Friday nights at 7 pm at the Friends Meeting House located at 490 19th Street NE, Salem, Oregon. Please check the calendar for activities held by Occupy Salem and allied organizations.  http://www.osoga.com/calendar

General Assembly Minutes
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